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UT System: BFL will stay on Lady Bird Lake

University of Texas System Board of Regents unanimously agreed not to move Brackenridge Field Lab from a 350-acre tract under consideration for commercial and residential development.

Pathogens, Parasitic Flies the Subjects of New Research for Fire Ant Control

Funding from Kleberg and Bass Foundations will help biologists look for more methods of fire ant control.

UT scientists weed out switch grass in search for biofuel

In experiments, they hope to learn which varieties will fare best in a changing climate.

Caught in the Act: Population of Butterflies Appears to Be Splitting Into Two Species

Breaking up may actually not be hard to do, say scientists who've found a population of tropical butterflies that may be on its way to a split into two distinct species.

Cool Class: Field Ecology

In some classes, students are assigned readings from a big textbook; others are assigned computer problems or chemistry formulas.

Fire ant-attacking fly spreading rapidly in Texas

Parasitic flies introduced to control red imported fire ants have spread over four million acres in central and southeast Texas since the flies’ introduction in 1999, researchers at The Unive

Fire ant lab celebrates 20 years of research

The red imported fire ant laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin Brackenridge Field Lab (BFL) is celebrating 20 years of research this mon

Twenty years of figuring-out fire ants

When the wave of red imported fire ants rolled into Austin in the early 1980s, Larry Gilbert knew in no time flat.

Aerial Acrobats

From the Ozarks to Africa, dragonflies take flight through entomologist's field study, photographs and interactive site.

Regents Adopt Recommendation to Retain UT Austin Brackenridge Field Lab

The University of Texas System Board of Regents today (Dec.