Brackenridge Field Laboratory (BFL) is a premier urban field research station for studies in biodiversity, ecosystem change and natural history. The lab is of critical importance to The University of Texas at Austin’s top-ten ranked Ecology, Evolution and Behavior graduate program. As an urban field lab, BFL is unsurpassed in regard to historical data, access for students and faculty (a few minutes from main campus), and diversity of habitats. Research at the lab contributes to our understanding of climate change, invasive species, biodiversity, genomics, animal behavior and evolution.

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Recent News & Features

New microsporidian pathogen of tawny crazy ants

A new study describing the first pathogen to be found in tawny crazy ants has been published by the Invasive Species Research group at BFL and by USDA scientists.

Summer 2015 field station undergrad positions

UT field stations have several positions available for undergrads this summer.

New Curator of Entomology

The UT Insect Collection based in the LAC building at BFL has a new Curator, Dr Alex Wild. Dr Wild  has a strong background in insect systematics with a specialty interests in ants.

Brackenridge Field Lab Shines In National Report

The lab’s national reputation as a premiere site for research on invasive species, evolution and behavior, biodiversity, climate change and drought, as well as for educa

Summer 2015 REU program

Are you a creative undergrad biology student looking for a summer research experience? BFL has places for students to participate in Invasive Species research during summer 2015.

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